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Corklay is an innovative product developed by DDL that consists of boards with wide application in the construction of ceilings and non-structural interior walls and double walls of interior insulation.
Corklay is an effective and interesting solution, especially when there is a need to significantly reinforce the thermal and acoustic insulation of homes.


Corklay boards are manufactured with an exclusive and internationally patented composite that combines natural raw materials of mineral and vegetable origin in varying percentages according to the application for which it is intended.


It is a revolutionary product in its design. Its internal structure is reinforced with an internal metallic reinforcement of hexagonal weave, braided, without welds. This combination creates a product with very high tensile, bending, and compressive strength.


Not being a product designed to support loads, these characteristics allow to ensure significant loads, providing an excellent protection of the physical integrity of people and goods, making the product a relevant option in areas of great thermal instability and / or war conflict.


It is noteworthy for its high performance in environments with a tendency to accumulate humidity and low dew point. Taking advantage of the resistant element as an integral part of the amalgam, even in situations of great moisture infiltrations from outside the building and / or of great interior condensation, the Corklay board maintains its strengths and structure, thanks to the high percentage of incorporated cork.

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