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DDL C&R and its specialized technical staff are able to consult, diagnose, evaluate, and intervene in several areas of Conservation & Restoration and Archeology.


Specialized intervention

In its services, DDL C&R includes conservation and restoration work in inorganic materials, in built, integrated and mobile heritage, specializing in ceramic materials and mortars.To guarantee the highest quality in these works, DDL has a specialized team, with various academic and professional degrees, in the different areas of inorganic materials. This ensures, in addition to the quality of the work carried out, a perfect response to the different challenges that arise and an excellent execution of technical interventions.

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DDL specializes in intervention in ceramic materials, especially tiles, with numerous works in its curriculum that cover a wide spectrum of national and foreign tiles. From the rehabilitation of vernacular buildings to the conservation and restoration intervention in national monuments, DDL, through a specialized technical team, is able to embrace multiple and diverse challenges.


DDL dedicates itself since 2015 to the intervention in stone materials, especially in its architectural strand. With interventions in residential, institutional and heritage buildings, the company has already accumulated experience in materials such as granite, limestone, shale and mortar.

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Since 2016, mural painting has been part of the DDL curriculum, a natural evolution given the specialization in painting and mortar of its technical staff.

The materials can be as diverse as stone, lime, plaster, marble powder or even cement for the base and makes use of a wide variety of pigments and binders for painting.


Expert advice

DDL provides consultancy services in the area of conservation and restoration and monitoring of works, combined with other areas of knowledge.

Taking into account the speed of urban development and the growing need to rehabilitate the historic centers and centers of cities, DDL presents a partnership that covers Conservation and Restoration and expands the area of activity to archeology. The company offers services necessary to respond to legal and scientific requirements in this new context of urban rehabilitation.

For historical buildings and specific environments, DDL conducts physical, chemical and mineralogical tests and studies on inorganic materials, with a view to characterizing old construction materials and customizing new mortars.

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Specialized production

To respond to situations of gaps in tiles or other architectural ceramic pieces or dysfunctionality of original pieces, DDL has created a replication production and supply service, where traditional production techniques are privileged.

The reproductions seek to return the general reading of the panels or buildings, looking for the original aesthetic language, through the appropriate thickness and surface of the ceramics, the drawing, the colors, and the painting techniques, creating pieces that integrate and that do not disturb the visual perception of the ensemble.

Conservação e Restauro: Serviços
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